This morning, Mark spoke on Ps 91 at Cherry Tree Court. Many of us like to feel safe, not being daredevils or risk takers or adrenaline junkies and this psalm reminds us that those who spend time with God live under the cover and protection of Almighty God (El Shaddai.) He is our refuge (a safe place to hide) and fortress (which gives us protection on all sides.) No matter what the danger – and several are mentioned in the psalm, such as the fowler’s snare, a perilous pestilence, terror by night and arrows that flee by day, we can be secure because of God’s shielding protection. Even sudden death cannot harm us, for He has secured eternal life for us. God promises protection even if 10,000 fall at our side; He has given angels the job of watching over us because of His great love for us!

Secure in the love and protection of God, we can know confidence and freedom, no matter what.