This morning we looked at the subject of living according to God’s plans and purposes (Eph 1:11, Eph 3:10-11). The world in general often doesn’t believe there is any purpose to life and to live without any hope of meaning can be depressing and dispiriting. The Bible makes it plain that God has plans and a purpose for the world and that His plans cannot be thwarted. (Job 42:2)
The Bible tells us God’s story in 6 acts:
* Act 1: Creation – God establishes His kingdom
• Act 2: Fall – Rebellion in the kingdom
• Act 3: Redemption initiated – The King chooses Israel
• Act 4: Redemption accomplished – The King himself comes
• Act 5: Redemption proclaimed – Spreading the kingdom
• Act 6: Glorious renewal – The return of the King
We see that God’s plans are for reconciliation and peace (Eph 2:15-18), that He wants to be in a relationship with humanity and that this relationship includes giving us eternal life (John 3:16) and allowing us access again to Him. (Eph 3:12) His plans for us are always good (Jer 29:11) and for our benefit, as He seeks to transform us into the image of Christ. (Rom 8:29)
We live in an age of doom and gloom; so many people will tell us that there is nothing worth living for and nothing to look forward to. Climate catastrophe, the threat of wars, economic instability, political manipulation and deceit and a sense of helplessness are pedalled to us on a daily basis. But for the Christian, life is worth living just because Christ lives. God has a a purpose that lasts beyond time. He is working to bring unity and reconciliation to our world, to restore all that sin stole from us. We may be waiting for Act 6 still, but rest assured, nothing will thwart the plans of God.