Not surprisingly since June is a month of celebration, our thoughts in prayer are turned towards growth and outreach and in particular we need to pray for the refurbishment plans. We are looking at writing a funding application for the refurbishment of the community rooms as part of our ongoing desire to serve our local community, reflecting our belief that as a church we are ‘with God in the community, with God for the community.’ Please pray that God will:

  • enable us to know what to include in the application which will benefit our community the most
  • help us to gain the practical information needed to write the application
  • give us unity in considering all the ideas and suggestions made
  • give us favour with funders and help us to receive the financial assistance required to carry out these ideas
  • help us to rely on Him for all growth and development in the church
  • use us to reach out to the whole community so that many will come to know Him
  • give us spiritual discernment and wisdom in all we do

We are looking for all church members and all who use our building to give us their suggestions and ideas for refurbishment and during the Big Birthday Bash, we will be seeking to consult with the wider community about what is needed in Goldthorpe and how we can best be an effective and useful community building. Please take time during June to pray about these things, for we seek God’s mind in everything and we know that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! (Eph 3:20-21) He is able to plant dreams in people’s hearts and to bring to pass the desires and longings He has already planted. Whatever we do, we long to do with His strength and favour, and so the most important thing we can do by far is to pray.