After the children had found hidden money (a reminder that some things in life are worth seeking), Stephen spoke tonight about the difference God can make in our lives and how necessary it is to include Him in our everyday living. Matt 7:7 reminds us that God wants us to ask, seek and knock. This verse may seem like giving us carte blanche to a life full of ease, but the reality is not that God is a slot machine to be played but a Person who wants to be involved in every area and aspect of our lives.

Many of the people in the Old Testament demonstrated how to involve God in real-life situations, from Elisha whose prayer that God would blind the enemy army (2 Kings 6:18) helped save the day for Israel to David who enquired of the Lord before setting out in battle (2 Sam 5:18). Prayer is one way we can include God in our every decision, even if prayer means acknowledging only God knows what can be done in impossible situations (Ezek 37:3).

Including God in our lives means we acknowledge His supremacy and demonstrate a longing to be in His presence. (Ps 27:4) He is better than any business consultant, for He has all the answers even before we ask (Is 65:4; see also Ps 139). This new year may bring many challenges and situations which have to be faced, but when we include God in everything, we can be sure He will lead and guide us in every way.