We were privileged to have a guest speaker tonight, Joy Gascoigne from Grimethorpe Pentecostal Church. She spoke from Mark 1:29-31, Mark 6:50 and Mark 10:50-52, highlighting that God can work in all situations and in all places. One of the most frequently used words in Mark’s Gospel is ‘immediately’, and there is a sense in which God can work at just the right moment in totally unexpected ways.

God is still able to intervene in our lives in miraculous ways. Joy talked of a pastor from Manchester who could only describe the help he received at an airport (including all expenses paid accommodation) as angelic. Another testimony was of a lady whose car broke down at night in the middle of nowhere and who was approached by four men who offered help, transported her car home and then disappeared, never to be seen again. God is able to step into our situations and help us ‘immediately’ as we call on His name.