Apologies for the delay in posting this, due to my absence on holiday. Stephen preached last Sunday evening from Genesis 6:5-8, the beginning of the story of Noah.

Day be day, we walk the walk and talk the talk, doing what we do… but what is God doing? If we listen to the storm sounds below, you can hear something of God’s pain and grief. As you listen, think about how man’s sin caused God’s heart to be deeply troubled.

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The perfect creation had reached such a low point that God contemplates wiping mankind from the face of the earth. But Noah found favour with God. God picked out one family and from that one family, mankind was saved.

We need to be focussed on God. Are we like the multitudes, waiting to be destroyed, or are we like Noah, waiting to be saved by God’s power and intervention? Is God in your life? Is He in your walk and your talk? That is what makes the real difference.