After almost a year of virtually unmitigated bad news, it is worth stopping this Christmas-time and reflecting once again on the good news of the Christmas story – good news that will bring great joy, as the angels reminded the shepherds. (Luke 2:10)

We will be doing just that, reflecting and celebrating the good news of great joy of Christmas, at our carol service on Sunday 20th December at 6 p.m. The service will definitely be different for all kinds of reasons, but we will be showing our ‘Good News Nativity’ performance on video at the service and it will be livestreamed on Facebook to all those who can’t attend the church building. Members of the church worked hard during lockdown to record their scenes separately and we hope you will enjoy going back in time to that first Christmas and pondering again what fantastic news Christmas is!

No matter what is going on in the outside world, no matter what the weather’s doing, no matter what Government pronouncement comes our way, the truth remains that at this time we celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ, that God came down to earth as a baby, putting on human flesh, so that He could save us from our sins! Join us on 20th December to shout out this good news to all who will listen.