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Those of us of a certain age remember a phrase from the ‘Blue Peter’ programme with fondness: ‘Here’s one I prepared earlier!‘ When demonstrating craft or baking activities, rather than being forced to wait for things to stick or cook, presenters produced a version already prepared to show what the finished item should look like. Preparation is immensely important in any task. as the Robert Schuller quote below demonstrates:

Preparation is crucial to every achievement:

Winston Churchill went so far as to say that all his past life had been a preparation for his service as Prime Minister during the Second World War.

If we admire people’s preparation and perseverance for great events, that’s as nothing compared to God’s preparation! All of Jesus’ life was preparation for His death. but the Son of God was actually preparing for this even before He was born! Isaiah’s prophecy about the Suffering Servant (Is 53:1-6) was made 600 years before the birth of Jesus, but even as far back as Gen 3:15, we see God’s promise of a Messianic deliverer. Rev 13:8 speaks of the Lamb ‘slain from the creation of the world.’ God’s preparation for our salvation was definitely long-term. He chose the person (Jesus), the place of His sacrifice (Jerusalem) and the time (when the message would be quickly spread thanks to the Greek and Roman empires), choosing to sweep away our offences like a cloud and our sins like the morning mist. (Is 44:22)

So much God-preparation can be celebrated at Easter, but His preparation continues now, for Jesus has now gone to prepare a place for us (John 14:1-3) We can’t possibly contemplate all that God is preparing for those who love Him (1 Cor 2:8-10), but we can rejoice in a God who is quite the best at preparation!