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In the trilogy of films ‘Back To The Future’, time travel enables a character to obtain a sports almanac from the future and make bets with certainty on the results of matches. This demonstrates a very human tendency to want to make plans for the future and be in control of what happens in the future, even though this is actually not possible!

From a young age when we’re urged to study hard to look after and plan for our futures, we tend to enjoy planning ahead and so when we read in the Bible that God has good plans for us (Jer 29:11), our tendency is to want God to reveal those plans to us instantaneously. We can be so concerned about the future plans God has for us that we fail to live in the now or understand that His plans also encompass the now. We can become impatient and not understand that God has times and seasons for us all and waiting for Him to reveal His plans is part of the journey of faith.

Jesus reminded us that the birds of the air do not sow or reap or store away in barns; they make no plans for tomorrow and yet are provided for by the Lord. (Matt 6:25-27) In the same way, we need to understand that God looks after us on an everyday basis and is wanting to work out His purposes in the now. Don’t be so concerned about future plans that you fail to appreciate God’s love, care, provision and guidance in the now.