This morning Dave spoke on the subject of friendship, particularly looking at David and Jonathan as an example of friendship in God (1 Sam 17:57-18:4). Nowadays, social media can tell us we have many friends, but the reality is we can be very lonely too.

Saul is an example of someone who started really well but whose life ended in tragedy as he left God’s ways and was consumed by jealousy. Jonathan, his son, could also have been jealous of David’s anointing by Samuel and rise to popularity, but instead, he seems to have recognised a kindred spirit in David and respected God’s anointing on his life. He made a covenant with David and shows us that one of the key aspects to friendship is giving. Jesus, the ultimate friend, lay down His life for us; Jonathan gave freely to David. He cared more for David than for his own reputation and protected him when his father tried to kill David. He was heartbroken at his father’s actions, but wanted the best for his friend at all times.

Jonathan proved himself a true friend in need; as the proverb goes, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Jesus is the greatest friend we could ever hope to have. He is there for us at all times, sticking closer than a brother, no matter what. Even if we don’t have friends like Jonathan, we have a friend beyond all others in Jesus.