Although we don’t meet midweek in August because of holidays, we still need to be a people who pray. On Friday 16th August we will have a morning prayer meeting at 10 a.m. to which all are welcome. Come along to pray specifically for other church members and for the work of our church. Bring your prayer requests (or let us know them beforehand) as we seek God’s face for our needs and the needs of our community. If you can’t actually be in the church building to pray, please commit to pray where you are!

Let’s pray for health, strength, wisdom and spiritual gifts to be seen in our midst and for all God’s people to be filled with His Spirit.

Let’s pray for our everyday witness: for our contact with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to be fruitful and for people to come to know the Lord as we engage with them.

Let’s pray for church ministries to flourish (especially to the Mums & Toddlers and the young people) and for new ministries to be birthed as God speaks to us and shows us how to reach out to people.

Let’s pray for ‘Churches Together’ and the work and witness of all local churches. Pray for our summer outreaches, the visit of The Message Bus on 30th October and the visit of 4FrontTheatre again on 25th December.

Let’s pray for revival.

‘When You move, hearts awaken
Broken lives will be redeemed
Here and now, as in Heaven
Let revival be released.

Hear our cry
Heal our land
Oh God, we pray for revival
What You’ve done before
You can do again
Oh God, we pray for revival.

God of grace, God of salvation
We are desperate on our knees
You can save this generation
Let revival be released.

Like a river running through the barren land
Let mercy flow, revive us again
Move in power, save us by Your mighty hand
Let mercy flow, revive us again.
Revive us again.’ (‘Revive Us Again’, Phil Wickham)