Dave spoke tonight from John 4:1-38, the account of a meeting between Jesus and a woman from Samaria. Jesus said that He came to seek and save that which was lost, and here is a practical application of that. Jesus was waiting at the well when a woman came to get water. He asked for water; she was suspicious of Him, and yet through His conversation, her curiosity was aroused. Jesus spoke not of natural water but of living water, and this woman, who was an outcast in many ways because of her lifestyle (she was living with a man after being in other relationships previously) was drawn to Him and ultimately came to realise that He was the Messiah.

The woman was ultimately so taken by all she learned from Jesus that she forgot her chores, leaving the water jar at the well to go and tell others about Jesus. She had a new purpose and new hope in her life. Suddenly, her life had new direction and she was prepared to speak to everyone about this man! Jesus is still in the business of seeking out people who have hungry hearts. It doesn’t matter how empty we may feel: He can fill people with new life and hope. Many other people believed in Jesus as a result of His conversation with this woman; they came to hear Him for themselves and found salvation too. Nothing is impossible when God moves. The Holy Spirit can speak through ordinary words and bring people to salvation. Will we believe that He can do this again, that He can use our testimony to bring others to know Him?