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On Thursday, our area faced one month’s rainfall in one day and there was widespread flooding. All my family was in the affected areas of Sheffield and for many hours I was uncertain what was happening to them. Because they were travelling, it wasn’t always possible to get in touch with them, and then my phone battery ran out of energy. I was without a phone charger and felt very much the lack of communication. There was nothing I could do to help them, but as I prayed for God to help them through the floods, I realised that our prayers are far more effective than anything else we can do.

Life can often feel like a flood to us, overwhelming us with situations over which we have little or no control. We are swept away by circumstances. Illness comes unexpectedly. Our job security can vanish in a moment. Relationships can be severed without warning. We can feel caught up in situations which baffle us and confuse us and we are left afraid, insecure and troubled. Ironically, as floods were battering South Yorkshire, there were news reports of bush fires in Australia which were raging. Danger can come from varied sources!

The only answer to troubled times is God, and He promises His help at all times. (Ps 46:1) Phil Wickham’s song ‘Eyes Fixed On You’ reminds us that through fire or flood, through wind and the waves, God is with us (see Isaiah 43:1-4). Because of Him, we are safe. Because of His presence and favour, there is ultimately nothing to fear. We need to have our eyes fixed on God. (Col 3:1-3)

‘I look up towards the sky,
Eyes fixed on You.
Your presence is where I hide.
Above every fear I rise,
Eyes fixed on You
And You’ll never leave my side.

Through fire or flood
Through wind and the waves
I follow Your voice through the darkest of days.
Whatever may come
You carry me through
Oh, You are the One I choose.

Eyes fixed on You
Eyes fixed on You

I walk with You on the waves
Eyes fixed on You
You’re with me, I know I’m safe
Completely You captivate
Eyes fixed on You
I trust every word You say.

Whom shall I fear? – for You are with me.
Whom shall I fear? –  You are by my side.
You are for me; who can stand against me.
God, on You I fix my eyes.
Whom shall I fear?-  for You are with me.
Whom shall I fear?-  You are by my side.
You are for me; who can stand against me.
God, on You I fix my eyes. (‘Eyes Fixed On You’, Phil Wickham)