I’ve read quite a few things recently about clothes and how these can influence our moods and actions. Holding meetings by Zoom or on Google Hangout or watching services on Facebook Live may have changed how we view getting dressed: is there any point, or can we just stay in pyjamas?! If we’re working from home, do we have to wear our usual work clothes or uniforms, or can we be just as effective in casual clothes?

So often, what we wear is tailored to what we are doing (I’ve been on quite a few walks by rivers recently and in the end decided to buy a pair of wellies as I wanted to be able to walk in the rivers!) It’s definitely easier psychologically at times to wear clothes which fit what we are doing; if I am dressed ‘professionally’, I feel more ‘professional.’

Col 3:12-14 urges us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, teaching us to bear with each other, forgive each other and put on love, which binds all those virtues together in perfect unity. These are the ‘clothes’ we’re commanded to wear each day (not just on special occasions.) Such clothes help us to get along with each other and to live together as God’s chosen people. They never get old or tatty and never need replacing by other attitudes; they are always relevant and beautiful.