Our world desperately needs faithfulness, steadfastness and loyalty. We live in a society where relationships break down all the time and promises are not kept – not just between couples but in whole families and businesses, not to mention politics and government. God shows us an alternative way of living: the way of faithfulness.

God is faithful in all He does. (Ps 33:4) His faithfulness reaches to the skies (Ps 36:5) – a metaphor which reminds us of the vastness of God’s faithfulness. God’s love and faithfulness protect us (Ps 61:7), giving us stability and hope, even in difficult times. Because God is faithful, we can be faithful too.

Are you tempted to give up today on a promise, to back away from a tough relationship, to walk away? Remember God’s faithfulness to you and ask for His Spirit to grow faithfulness in your own heart. In that way, we show something of God’s character and nature to a world which is fickle and unreliable.