“Daddy fix it!” is the confident assertion of my granddaughter when her pop-up picture book needs sellotape to keep the pictures popping up or when her train engine needs a new battery to help it to run smoothly on the track again. She has confidence that her father will solve the problems which are too great for her.

So often as we grow older, we try to fix life ourselves, finding many situations that are beyond our ability to fix. We like to be competent and confident in our own abilities; we like very much to be in control, but the truth is that life often is beyond our control, competence and skills. We still need someone to rescue us, to fix things. We have a heavenly Father whose love and tenderness towards us are unwavering and whose ability to fix things is far beyond ours. Maybe we need the child-like confidence that Daddy can fix it instead of trying to carry the weight of the world’s burdens on our fragile shoulders.

Matt 11:28-30 reminds us that when we’re worn out from trying to fix life ourselves, we can come to God and learn from Jesus, exchanging our burdens for His. He is able to give us rest, to carry us close to His heart and to ‘fix it.’ May we develop childlike confidence in His goodness and power and let Him do the fixing.