One of the wonderful things about the book of Acts is how we are introduced to characters who clearly played an important role in the life of the early church. We may not know much about these people, but it’s fundamental to God’s story that people matter and that everyone has a role to play.

One such couple was Aquila and Priscilla, first introduced to us in Acts 18. Aquila (whose name means ‘eagle’) was born in Pontus on the southern shore of the Black Sea, but moved to Italy and from there came to Corinth because of the imperial edict banishing Christians because of the disturbances they were causing. He and his wife, Priscilla, later moved on to Ephesus with Paul, and some of the church there met in their home. (Acts 18:18, 19, 26). At some point later, they returned to Rome and are referred to fondly by Paul in that letter (Rom 16:3-4).

In Corinth, Paul stayed with this couple who shared his profession (tent-making) and we see them later teaching Apollos the ways of God (Acts 18:26) Both of them were involved in church ministry (and the fact that Priscilla is often named before her husband implies she had great influence in this work), and we see each time they are mentioned in the Bible the effect a united couple can have in Christian service.

They were clearly hospitable people, inviting people into their homes to teach and help them, and were people Paul grew to trust and love dearly. A church is blessed when it has such couples as members. The stability, faithfulness, kindness, hospitality and teaching skills of such couples helps every one of the church’s members. I have fond memories of couples like this whose warmth, acceptance, prayers and teaching have shaped my life and I pray we will be able to mentor others in the same way that Aquila and Priscilla did, to the strengthening and help of many people.